🚀 Welcome to my little place!

Hi, i am Chris.
A german programmer.
I like to learn new stuff.
Fun fact: I love Pixel Art and retro games.

📜 About me

My name ist Chris, a german programmer.
I like pixel art and retro games.
Sometimes i make my own pixel art sprites.
My first and favorite language is Java.
But also i like to learn new stuff.

I have over 3 years of coding experience.
I started programming already in 2014, but I had to focus on school and took a longer break from learning programming.
In 2016/2017 I continued to learn programming.
2021 I successfully completed my 3 year school education as a state-certified information technology assistant. (In german: "staatlich geprüfter Informationstechnischer Assistent")
I have experience with Java, Meaven, MySQL, Git, Arduino, Linux, PHP and more.

Currently I program Minecraft Bukkit, Spigot, and Paper plugins with Java.
Also I help the server network craftstuebchen and program for the server plugins.
You can find few plugins on the Minecraft server network Craftstuebchen.
My username is christian200099 or you can find me in the forum.
I am also currently programming a Discord Bot for my own Minecraft test server.
Some projects you can see below.
For more information you can checkout my github profile

📜 My Projects

Discord Bot

My Discord bot is written in Java and i try to make cool things with it. One exmaple is a integreation with a database from my Minecraft test server. The bot can send statistics about players in the chat for example.

SpielwieseCore Plugin

Another project is my own Minecraft plugin for my test server. It is also written in Java and has a Discord bot directly in the plugin. You can checkout the bot in my own Discord server:
The plugin has its own whitelist. When a player wants to join my Minecraft server, I receive a message in Discord and Minecraft that a player wants to join the server.
In Discord and Minecraft, I have programmed chat commands to add the player to my whitelist and join my server.
Also, the plugin has a command for the players where they can set teleport points (warps) and other players use the command to teleport to the location.
Server restarts, visits, warp locations and more are stored in a database.
These are some examples from the functions of my plugin.

My own Webiste

A few years ago I had set up a WordPress site and a MyBB forum on my Linux server.
I also experimented with Phaser and Javascript.
This site uses Three.js which I wanted to try out.

MagicVillager Plugin

Text in progress

Community Event Villger Plugin

Text in progress

Note: My school projects with Java, PHP, MySQL and Arduino are not in this list


You can write with me in my Discord server.
For more information you can visit my github profile.

"Programming isn't about what you know; it's about what you can figure out."
-Chris Pine

Thanks for watching!